Sorry… New euro law

Dear visitors,

For the past few years we have been making a social media like website.
To be hounest we where only about 4 months away (more or less) from
launching this.
Due to the new euro laws we had to change everything.

Here is the break down:

If for acsample someone on our forums would post a picture or a link to copyrighted content… We would be 100% accounteble for a lawsuit. EVEN if we would remove it.
This website is nonprovit.
( This may change a little bit in the coming years but we do not expect this website to be a gold mine. ) WE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER FACEBOOK!

Me and a few others have a passion for codding and website programming and designing web pages. And the main reaseon behind this website is we want to share our knowledge in these matters and help others learn these things. ( FOR FREE ).

We belief the web should be pretty much open source. ( no hate to those who disagree ).

With the new law in place this would mean 1 lawsuit would shut us down.
This is why we now made a more closed system. We still welcome your tutorials, but we will have to approve them one by one.