Hello everyone!

There is going to be a change in the release day’s of the video tutorials.
When I started the video tutorials I planned to release one every week, I had no idea how much time went in to making them

One of the main things that stands in the way of making these video’s is a lack of inspiration. You just can’t force it.

That’s why I decided I am going to release a tutorial every 2 weeks.
But if I have a fun idea to make a tutorial I will publish a tutorial once it is finished.

This is what this means:

  • I make a tutorial every 2 weeks this is a goal I think will be realistic.
  • If I have an idea and the tutorial Is ready to publish I will absolutely put it online earlier.

Thank you for your understanding and also for reading this.


Please send us your own tutorials on affinity photo

Hello everyone 🙂
You might have noticed that our slogan is “Learn, Create, Share”.

The main intention of our website was that our tutorials would teach you new things and in return you could teach others with your tutorials.
We would really like it when you feel ready to make your own tutorials you would submit these in a rar or zip file and send them to: submit@tutbase.nl

There are however a few rules to us posting them on website and social media:

  • All images used in the submitted tutorial must be 100% copyright free ( We on tutbase DO NOT STEAL. )
  • All images if gotten from someone else must have a file with the credits.
  • Tutorials can be written and also recorded in video’s ( please use mp4 format ).
  • Images must not contain racism or rude words, also NO POLITICS.

We are also supportive of other website’s that make FREE tutorials so if you would like us to share a link to your website please feel fee to contact admin@tutbase.nl
Also if you would like us to embed a YouTube video on our site for a tutorial we would like that as well.

Please note we might not respond as fast as you would like.
We are basically a none/little profit website

There are not many people that maintain the website and they are all volinteers

Thank you for your time and cheers,

Sorry… New euro law

Dear visitors,

For the past few years we have been making a social media like website.
To be hounest we where only about 4 months away (more or less) from
launching this.
Due to the new euro laws we had to change everything.

Here is the break down:

If for acsample someone on our forums would post a picture or a link to copyrighted content… We would be 100% accounteble for a lawsuit. EVEN if we would remove it.
This website is nonprovit.
( This may change a little bit in the coming years but we do not expect this website to be a gold mine. ) WE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER FACEBOOK!

Me and a few others have a passion for codding and website programming and designing web pages. And the main reaseon behind this website is we want to share our knowledge in these matters and help others learn these things. ( FOR FREE ).

We belief the web should be pretty much open source. ( no hate to those who disagree ).

With the new law in place this would mean 1 lawsuit would shut us down.
This is why we now made a more closed system. We still welcome your tutorials, but we will have to approve them one by one.